A more sustainable future at AbiDashery.

A more sustainable future at AbiDashery.

Here at AbiDashery, having a few months off due to the UK lockdown really gave me a lot of time to think about the future of my company.

I see other businesses around me becoming more eco-friendly, but I always thought I had a head start as my upcycled clothing products are completely ethical & guilt free, leaving no harmful footprint of manufacturing behind them but when I looked into other aspects of my business, I realised, I wasn't so environmentally responsible as I first thought and decided I had to do something about that.

I made a decision, to go on a mission of change for the next year, each month, I will focus on one aspect of my business & work towards not only reducing it's negative impact, but if possible, increasing it's positive imprint on the planet.

Month one is July and I reviewed the marketing inserts and thank you cards I add to every package; the old way I was doing things I added:

  • one flyer (pre-printed by a company, not recycled),
  • one handmade (by us) card (some recycled parts)
  • one envelope (not recycled). 
So, it was pretty clear I needed to do something major to rectify this, so much waste & un-eco-friendly materials could not go on, I needed to think of something new, that would still do the same job as my cards and flyers.

I've been moving my office and clearing out some bits recently and I found something given to me by the funeral company in their package of paperwork after my mother died. It was a small piece of card with some advertising on it, a small poem about loved ones, and a SEED PAPER butterfly, encouraging me to plant it.

Seed paper seemed a great idea! Not only is it handmade, organic and not harmful, it actually adds value to the environment, by being jam packed with bee & butterfly friendly seeds! This was the perfect way to reduce any harm I was doing & to put a little something back in a bid to put right any damage my business has already done. So I ordered a supply of organic handmade seed paper shapes & I spent a rainy Sunday designing a new card/thank you note for my seed paper hearts.

In the end, I incorporated my flyer & thank you card, into one A6 piece of recycled card, which I am printing myself, I added the seed paper & eliminated the envelope altogether, so now instead of one card, one flyer & one envelope, I have transformed this part of my process into one piece of recycled card! July mission, definitely accomplished I reckon!

But there's loads more to look at over the next few months, I'm looking into a range of bamboo socks & organic cotton tees & hoodies, I'll keep you posted in this blog & in my newsletter or head over to my Instagram @abi_dashery for daily updates on what's going on behind the scenes at AbiDashery, I'd love to hear your views and thoughts too!

I've created some new hoodies for summer and with the market saturated with tie dye hoodies at the moment, I really wanted to come up with something different. I'd love to hear what your thoughts are! Go comment on my Instagram post and give me your opinions - and keep an eye on my Instagram feed as I'll be running a competition to WIN a hoodie from my new collection in the coming weeks.

Don't forget, every order over £50 in July gets a FREE pair of tie dye socks with their order, no need to use a code, I will automatically add your free gift to your parcel.  

That's all for the AbiDashery blog for this month, stay tuned for upcoming offers & if you haven't already subscribed to my newsletter, go do it now, and you'll get to hear the news and offers before anyone else!


With love from AbiDashery! 

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