About Abi

My name is Abi Patten and I’m a tie-dyer living in the beautiful countryside of County Durham in the North East of England with my partner, Paul, and our three cats, Marshall, Patsy, and Snoopy.

Both born and raised in the city, last year we finally decided to stop talking about our dreams of rural living and make them come true by escaping to the country! Now we are fortunate enough to be around nature every day and I’m happily able to work outside (British weather permitting) most days. You can follow my journey on my Instagram @abi_dashery.

I’m better known under my business name of AbiDashery and have been a tie-dyer and upcycle fanatic full time for the last 8 years, recently roping in my partner, Paul to help.

Abi and Paul

Our Story

AbiDashery began in 2014 on Etsy after being made unemployed, and not knowing what to do next. It dawned on me that this was the opportunity I had dreamed of; to carve my own ‘road less traveled’, allowing me to live more independently, and to make my living doing something creative. So I turned to tie-dye as a way of turning my hobby into a living and started my online store on Etsy.

But, as the store became more popular, I decided to branch out with my own website. I started out by selling upcycled clothing but, when our tie-dye items began to get more and more popular, I decided to start selling tie-dye clothing to order.

Then, in 2019, I started selling wholesale, first with our range of tie-dye socks (currently sold in Staithes Cafe, Gateshead), then with our hoodies, tees, and shopper bags at No Worries in Newquay.

Now, we have a whole range of men, women, and unisex tie-dye clothing, most of which are made from sustainable 100% organic cotton or other sustainable materials. We also sell gifts, and still accept custom and wholesale orders.

You Do You

At AbiDashery, we do things a little differently and the first rule is there are definitely NO RULES! Every item has its own character, its own personal story, and each is special for its own odd little reasons - just like we are! If you like to stand out from the crowd and want to own something nobody else has that was made with love by someone who cares and loves what they do, then this is the place for you and AbiDashery welcomes you.

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AbiDashery Shoot and Making Clothes

Our Ethics

Here at AbiDashery we are striving every day to be more sustainable and eco-friendly in our practices.

Our Upcycles Collection:

All of the pieces in our upcycled range are thrifted and hand chosen and hand dyed by AbiDashery using eco-reactive or home-made dyes so you can be sure each piece is special and unique as well as being ethical and sustainable.

Our Dyed to Order Collection:

We are slowly moving all of our cotton based dyed to order pieces over to organic cotton, this a long process as we try to find the best quality for the best prices so you, the customer doesn't have to pay over the odds for your sustainable clothing. We currently have a selection of organic cotton dresses, tops and t-shirts which we will be expanding over the course of 2021.

Our Packaging:

Every parcel sent out by AbiDashery is wrapped in re-cycled maps, whether you buy a pair of socks, or a hoodie. Each is hand wrapped lovingly in recycledpackaging. To match this we have just switched over to a new range of biodegradeable clear packets to replace our old cellophane ones. The new packets are made from NATIVIA, a new generation of bio-based biaxially oriented flexible packaging films made of PLA polylactic acid. Thanks to the bio-based content and the lower consumption of energy, PLA delivers a lower carbon footprint and additional end of life options compared to most oil-based plastics.