Can Tie-Dye Shirts Be Washed Together?

Can Tie-Dye Shirts Be Washed Together?

The most appealing aspect of tie-dye clothing is the numerous custom designs that can be created simply by using dye. What’s important however is how you care for your tie-dye clothing, and making sure your clothes remain in good condition. In this article, we will discuss how to wash your tie-dye clothes, and how to care for them properly.

But first, can tie-dye clothing be washed together? Generally, tie-dye garments can be washed together in the washing machine. To avoid the dye bleeding onto other garments, it is recommended that tie-dye clothing be washed separately from other clothing, however.

To find out more about how to wash tie-dye clothes, continue reading.


Can Tie-Dye Shirts Be Washed Together?

When it comes to washing clothes, it's usually as simple as placing them in the washing machine and returning to them in 45 minutes or so. Unfortunately, this is not the case with tie-dye clothing.

Generally, tie-dye garments can be washed together in the washing machine, this will keep the colour intact and your clothes looking fresh. However, to avoid dye bleeding onto other pieces of clothing, it is recommended that tie-dye clothing be washed separately from other clothing.

That said, you should also be cautious of the quality of the dye and its suitability for tie-dying. If low-quality or unsuitable dye was used in the tie-dye process, it is possible that it will bleed and transfer when washed by machine.

We have explained a little more about how to wash tie-dye clothing properly and the dyes on the market which are not suitable for tie-dying below.

How To Wash Tie-Dye Clothes?

If you’ve just tie-dyed your clothes, step away from the washing machine. You’ll want to wait about 24 hours before washing. This is to let the dye fully dry and settle.

However, after this period, as explained earlier you can wash them in a washing machine. Just ensure they are separate from your other undyed clothes. Below we have explained the way to wash tie-dye clothes using a washing machine.

Washing Machine

When washing your tie-dye clothing in the washing machine be sure to use a colour-safe detergent and a cold wash to lengthen the life of your garment. When programming your washing machine, ensure you set the appropriate settings for the load’s size and the type of fabric you’re washing. Once the wash has finished it is best to avoid the dryer and rather hang the clothes to dry to get the best results.


Which Dyes Are Unsuitable For Tie-Dye?

As explained earlier, some dyes on the market are unsuitable for tie-dying. These dyes frequently cause the dye to bleed whether you use the washing machine or the hand wash method. Typically, these dyes are used to dye furniture or refresh the colour of clothing.

We have listed some of the dyes which are unsuitable for tie-dye below.

All-purpose dye - If you want to tie-dye clothes, you should avoid using all-purpose dye. All-purpose tie-dyes are frequently used to refresh the colours of clothing. They also require heat to function, which is not suitable for tie-dyed clothing.

Acid dyes - Acid dyes are primarily used on natural fibres such as wool and silk, and will not work on cotton or other natural fibres. They require high temperatures and a low pH to react, making them unsuitable for tie-dyeing.

Reactive dyes - Reactive dyes are generally unsuitable for tie-dyeing because the bulk of them require high heat to work. As a result, reactive dyes do not perform as well as cold process fibre-reactive dyes, which are widely used when it comes to tie-dying.

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