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AbiDashery Tie Dye

Sunset Bleach Tie Dye Long Sleeve T-shirt

Sunset Bleach Tie Dye Long Sleeve T-shirt

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Revamp your wardrobe with our sunset bleach tie dye long sleeve t-shirt! Featuring a unique and eye-catching sunset color bleach dye pattern, this upcycled long sleeve tee is perfect for those who love to take risks and stand out from the crowd. Get ready to make a statement with this bold and inspiring piece!

Long sleeve black t-shirt, bleached then dyed  in sunset tie dye shades of yellow, orange, red and black, unisex size S, only one available.

This cool one of a kind t-shirt is is hand dyed, in 100% cotton.

Hand dyed in the UK by AbiDashery.

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